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Math Center Level 1 for Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008, 2012), Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

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Math Center Level 1 virtual box

Math Center Level 1 virtual box



Math Center Level 1


Control Panel in Vista (an early look):

Math Level 1 Control Panel in Vista


Control Panel in Windows XP

Math Center Level 1 Conrol Panel in XP


Math Center Level 1 consists of Graphing calculator 2DAdvanced Calculator, and Simple Calculator  called from the Control Panel.

Simple calculator is a general purpose calculator which combines use simplicity and calculation power. It handles simple arithmetic operations and complex formulas.

The Simple Calculator has three windows or boxes: Edit Window, Result Window, and History Window. In the Edit Window you enter formulas using buttons and keyboard. When you use a keyboard, you can use all standard rules of text editing. The most convenient is use of numerical pad on the right of standard keyboard. Buttons also provides full functionality of Simple Calculator. If you mistake in typing formula, like square root of a negative number, you just get a message in the Result Window that the formula is unclear. The Simple Calculator tries to handle all possible ambiguities, following the  standard mathematical rules. For example, formula 3/-4 - 5^2 will be treated as 3/(-4) - (5^2)  . If you want to be completely sure in the result, use parentheses.

Advanced Calculator is a step farther in complexity comparing to the Simple Calculator. The Advanced Calculator has two editing windows. One is for editing x, and the second is for editing f(x). In the x window you can enter any number or formula which contains numbers. In the f(x) window you can enter formulas containing numbers and formulas containing x. First, x will be calculated. Then the result for x will be substituted into the formula for f(x). The presence of two editing windows demands switching between windows. You can do it by clicking buttons "go to x" and "go to f(x)", or by clicking inside the window. If you forget to enter x, then the x=1 will be assumed. If you forget to enter f(x), then f(x)=x will be assumed.

Advanced Calculator works in scientific mode. All numbers in internal calculations are treated in scientific format, like 1.23456789012345E+2 for 123.456789012345. You also can use scientific notation in formulas. If you get result NaN, like in ln(-1), that means that the function is not defined for given argument. Otherwise Advanced Calculator is similar to Simple Calculators. There are options to save and print calculation history, to change font, and standard editing options.

Graphing Calculator 2D has two panels.

The Left Panel has the Magnifying Square represented by Small Square with gray border on the Left Panel. It is 16 times smaller than the Left Panel. The Right Panel shows content of the Magnifying Square magnified 16 times. You can press button "zoom +". Then the Left and Right Panels will be zoomed twice each. Maximum zoom is 8 (tree clicks of "zoom +").  After that you can click "zoom -". Clicking button "C" (for Center) on Zoom returns picture to starting position with no zoom and Magnifying Square at the center of Left Panel. When Panels are zoomed you can move Left Panel in horizontal direction along with imaginary zoomed graph by group of buttons "Navigate left window". Anytime you can move Left Panel in vertical direction. A group of buttons "Navigate right window" represents buttons by which you can move the Magnifying Square on the Left Panel. Button "C" returns Magnifying Square to the center of Left Panel. For fast movement of Magnifying Square click on the Left Panel at point where you want to place Magnifying Square. Clicking inside Right Panel gives x and y coordinates of click point. The greater is zooming, the more precise are the coordinates.


Current menu:

Math Center Level 1 Menu


Graphing Calculator 2D

Graphing Calculator in Vista

Graphing Calculator in Vista


Graphing Calculator in Windows XP

Graphing Calculator in XP


Graphing Calculator in white palette suitable for printing

Graphing Calculator white palette


Insertion of graph into Microsoft Word page

Graph in MS Word


Advanced Calculator

Advanced Calculator in Vista

Advanced Calculator in Vista

Advanced Calculator in Windows XP

Advanced Calculator in XP


Simple Calculator

Simple Calculator in Vista

Simple Calculator in Vista


Simple Calculator in Windows XP

Simple Calculator in XP


Hardware requirements for Math Center Level 1 are low. The main requirement for Graphing Calculator 2D is a monitor of minimal size 1024 x 768 pixels. The program was successfully tested on ten year old computers with Windows XP.



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