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The Integer Calculator has three windows or boxes: Edit Window, Result Window, and History Window. In the Edit Window you enter formulas using buttons and keyboard. When you use a keyboard, you can use all standard rules of text editing. The most convenient is use of numerical pad on the right of standard keyboard. Buttons also provides full functionality of Simple Integer Calculator. If you mistake in typing formula, like square root of a negative number, you just get a message in the Result Window that the formula is unclear. The Simple Integer Calculator tries to handle all possible ambiguities, following the  standard mathematical rules. For example, formula 3/-4 - 5*2 will be treated as 3/(-4) - (5*2)  . If you want to be completely sure in the result, use parentheses.

In addition to arithmetic operations the calculator calculates greatest common divisor and least common multiple.

A result number in the Result Window can be copied into Edit Window by clicking Result button.

Calculation History Window has practically unlimited length. Use a scroll bar to navigate the window with log history.  You can save the calculation history into text file or print it. Before this you can change size and style of the font in History Window.


Integer Calculator is a component of Math Center Level 2 .

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